The Present is a gift….cuz presents are a synonym of gifts…get it?

I’m not super in love with the pic, but I like the message.  We’re all so worried about going to school, getting good grades, going to the right college, networking, getting a job, buying a house, buying a car, etc.  Is that really what you’re searching for though?  This isn’t a one size fits all world, and money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does provide peace of mind.  Sometimes you need to be spontaneous, sometimes you need to get on that bus, sometimes you need to prove to yourself you’re really living and not just coasting by every day.  Here’s the catch, just be responsible and plan.

If you’re not sure what makes you happy, try doing something outside your comfort zone, and if it’s a poor experience, at least you’ve learned that you actually don’t like, instead of I think I don’t like it.  For example take careers, you don’t need to be an engineer, an investment banker, a doctor, or any cookie-cutter employee.  Maybe you’d love being a teacher or a designer or painter.  It might not pay the bills, but that’s not always what’s important.  Find out what’s important to you, and live through your priorities, don’t be afraid to place your happiness near the top from time to time.


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